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Subject: SaaS Resiliency Platform for sale

Buy this SaaS platform – improve employee resiliency, health and vitality  

For increased adaptability, health and vitality bring this SaaS platform into your company now! Acquire and implement a plug and play program that assesses resiliency, stress and EQ and develops these critical human capital skills and competencies for your people.   Your organization can now have a SaaS delivery platform for individual/team assessment and skill building that also verifies efficacy of your programs with the data to prove it!  

B2B business with straightforward potential for additional B2C revenue stream  
Platform includes:
– Powerful, business-proven assessments that provide real time measurement of performance outcomes for individuals and teams
– Data that verifies impact against organizational benchmarks – prove the effectiveness of your leadership, OD, health and wellness, client services, and training programs 
– Behavior change component perfect for skill building, habit creation, and performance improvement   

The business for sale is an international management consulting company that provides measurable and sustainable resiliency, stress, and emotional intelligence solutions to organizations of all industries and sizes.

The products, services and programs, used by more than 4,000 companies in thirty countries worldwide, have a proven track record of 35 years of delivering scalable human capital solutions.  

It’s time to go beyond “eat an apple and take the stairs.” Add this competitive advantage to your organization now!  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for an inquiry package.  

Thank you. Annette    

Online Human Capital Solutions Company for Sale
More than a million assessments sold
Data: 18,000+ unique results with demographics in database
SaaS platform: 17,000+ unique users
Databases of information on what people MOST want to change in their lives as related to building resiliency, mastering stress and developing emotional intelligence (EQ)

Statistically reliable assessments with more than 80 distinct measures of stress, resiliency and emotional intelligence
Proprietary science-based behavior change process with established algorithms
Analytics platform for tracking, reporting and comparing results
Proven ROI on employee health, competency development and employer experience
Leader Programs, Training programs
Adult learning exercises, content and models for resiliency building, stress mastery and EQ development  

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Give your people the exact tools they need to build resilience, manage stress, improve emotional intelligence, increase vitality and optimize performance.    If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for an inquiry package.  
Thank you.

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