Don’t go into it alone. With a Certified Divorce Financial Planner™ at your side, you are making smart decisions today that will impact your future.

You have the courage to leave a major commitment that is no longer working the way you dreamed that it would.  You want a better life.  You may need to overcome societal stigma, family pressure, pressure from friends.  You will be re-defining your life and re-starting.  I can help you to be secure with the finances of your life going forward.

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Can you answer these questions?

  1. How do I trace my Separate Property? How do I keep it separate throughout my marriage, but still benefit from the assets?
  2. Will I have to sell my home, or more importantly, should I?   Annette holds the Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce designation — RCS-DTM
  3. How do you divide your stock options, pension earnings and retirement savings earned before and during marriage?  Do you need a QDRO?
  4. How is support calculated and is it waivable? (Child support is never waivable.)

Annette can answer all these questions for you with one simple call. 415-312-1987


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Information for Attorneys (especially specializing in divorce)

Maybe you are one of those rare attorneys who is great with numbers and projecting your client’s finances forward for 10-40 years. Maybe you even enjoy this part of the work. If not, Annette should be your first call.

Annette Brown, MBA, EA, CDFA™, owner of AB & Associates will assist you in navigating the financial aspects of a divorce, including helping you allocate assets and income, providing an opinion of value and evaluating business net worth and income potential, projecting the future financial effects of asset allocation decisions made today and budget development. Annette works with clients directly, and works with their attorneys directly or indirectly to demystify the financial aspects of divorce. Annette offers each client a scenario report that projects until retirement or death the effects of various financial decisions made today.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ take the guess work out of predicting your client’s financial future.

  • Should you recommend your client divide assets 50-50 if that division means that your client “keeps the house” and the other client “keeps the cash”?
  • Which scenario is likely to result in the greater net worth 10, 20 years in the future?
  • How about the client who has a business to value – Do you take the P&L that the business owner gives you at face value? Or do you analyze it against the past three years of tax returns?
  • How about the valuation of the business? While it is often valuable to hire a business valuation expert, is it always necessary, or can a finance professional provide valuable insight?

At AB & Associates, Annette offers over 20 years of providing opinions of business values, financial analysis and explaining finances to “non-numbers” people so that they can understand how their decisions translate into their financial future, and their financial future analysis can help inform their decisions.

Often, one partner or spouse understands the finances of the relationship and the other does not. In these cases especially, it can be helpful to have a patient financial person explain the options in areas of finances and protection of assets and reporting of assets.

Put a CDFA™ on your divorce team today and help ensure that your client’s financial future is as positive as possible as they begin their new life.

Annette works in litigated cases, helping clients settle out of court, mediated cases and in the area of collaborative divorce. Fees are 1/4 to 1/3 of typical attorney fees.

AB & Associates can also work “in the background” supplying you with expert divorce financial information and analysis to assist you in advocating on behalf of your clients.

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Income Tax Assistance

Annette Brown is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, qualified to prepare and analyze income taxes.

Annette starts with a review of three years or more past income taxes, both personal and business, and uses that information to assist with finding assets, asset allocation, income projection and division of assets and income in divorce or partnership dissolution situations.

AB & Associates can help you prepare your business and personal taxes going forward, and can create budgets and small business financial templates that will make preparing your business income sheet (Schedule C) a breeze going forward.

The State of California, and the Internal Revenue Service, requires tax-preparers to be licensed and meet initial and continuing educational courses to prepare income taxes.

CTEC Registered Tax Preparer #A180472;
IRS PTIN ID P01039081