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Grow your business with Dynamic Strategic Action Planning

Effective Strategic Plans take action. They’re used regularly, reviewed regularly, changed regularly; they’re dynamic and fluid by design and intent. Regularly corresponds both to your business cycle as well as the cycle of goal and goalette completion. Examples of businesses and their logical cycles follow: a non-profit building homes in impoverished areas might be reviewed on a project basis, while a start-up business might be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Critical to the success of any Strategic Plan is the ability of all people at all levels in the organization to know what their part or role is, in order to give them the ability to contribute to the organization with their full potential.

  • Each person in the organization must perceive their role as crucial to the achievement of the goals.
  • Each action must lead toward achievement of the goals. Each person finds a match between what their roles are, how they contribute, and what they are being required to do, act upon, and achieve.
  • Assessment criteria must lead directly back to goal achievement.

There are five  major questions to ask in creating a living Dynamic Strategic Action Plan that can be implemented at all levels in your organization.

  1. What is your PURPOSE? (Major Goals or Mission)
  2. What will you do to achieve that PURPOSE? (Minor Goals or Goalettes)
  3. What resources do you need to achieve your PURPOSE? (Assignment of Resources)
  4. How will you know when you’ve achieved that PURPOSE? (Assessment Criteria)
  5. How much has been accomplished thus far in achieving your PURPOSE? (Status)

These five questions will be asked over and over in the Dynamic Strategic Action Planning process. You will set up cycles of review for each Goal and Goalette, with Action Plans that lead to results.

The key to this Dynamic Strategic Action Planning process is simple:

  • What you focus on gets done – Focus on your Goals and Goalettes.
  • What you give attention to gets done – Review your progress regularly.
  • What you measure gets done – Set realistic criteria for achievement and assess your results.

Simple, yes. Easy, not always. It takes discipline, focus and consistency to achieve your PURPOSE.

Create a business plan that will help you find your targets, stay on target and meet your goals — Fast!

  • Do you have a business plan that you can bring to an investor, foundation or bank? It has to be concise and thorough! It has to be STRATEGIC!
    (Do you have 15 minutes to write one?)
  • Do you have well defined, measurable goals with goalettes to help drive your actions forward?
  • Can you translate your goals into Budgets?
  • Can you translate your goals into time specific ACTIONS?
  • Do you really know which goals are your priorities?

Annette Brown has 25 years of experience in Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Financial Planning and Analysis, and Business Valuation.

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